• Waiting for Godot or the Abortionist, Whichever Comes First

    by Brian Kraker…

    Gawker made an interesting revelation after South Dakota passed a law requiring women to wait 72 hours before having an abortion. It is now quicker to purchase a gun to legally kill an abortion doctor than it is to end a pregnancy in the Mount Rushmore state. It's a real shame, I really thought this country was making headway on a drive-thru abortion clinic.

    CNN has more on all the hullabaloo

    The law, which also requires the woman to receive counseling at a "pregnancy help center," is currently scheduled to take effect July 1…

    "The law also purports to ensure that women are 'informed' before consenting to an abortion, but actually imposes requirements that are both impossible to meet and require physicians to flood their patients with false and misleading information," [Planned Parenthood] said in a statement.

    While people are up in arms over this law, I don’t see the problem. What is more American than spreading misinformation? Probably only Beanie Babies or Oprah.

    However, I personally don’t think South Dakota is going far enough. Unless you have a Colt 45 with every Happy Meal, I won't be satisfied.

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