• Dennis Kucinich May Be Coming Down with a Case of Impeachment Tourettes

    By Brian Kraker

    Man, does Dennis Kucinich love to throw around impeachment proposals or what? After threatening to chase Bush and Cheney from the White House in 2008 (too bad this big national election thingy beat him to it), the Ohio congressman decided it was just and right to put Obama’s head on a pike for the U.S.'s bombing of Libya.

    However, after lacking the support of just about anyone, Kucinich decided to back down

    Democrat Rep. Dennis Kucinich is walking back from his suggestion that President Barack Obama be impeached for authorizing air strikes against Libya without congressional approval.

    Asked Thursday night if he sees support for impeachment building, the liberal Ohioan said it isn't. "No, I don’t think that," he told Lou Dobbs on Fox Business Network. "Impeachment is a process. That’s not going happen."

    This is sort of like if, after Mel Gibson gave that inspiring speech in Braveheart and rode off towards imminent doom, it turned out his fellow Scottsmen stuck around at the top of that hill saying, "That guy is crazy."

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