• Bill Ayers "Admits to" Writing Barack Obama's Memoir

    Okay, so you've heard that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who prays toward Mecca three days a day from the unobserved confines of the White, right? And you've heard that he was actually born in Kenya and there is a government-wide bi-partisan conspiracy to pass off some unofficial "certificate of live birth" as supposed proof that he was born in Hawaii, I'm guessing. And something about an Antichrist, too, right?

    But have you heard the one about how Barack Obama's critically acclaimed personal memoir, Dreams From My Father, was actually authored by former Weather Underground urban terrorist William Ayers? No? Well, get ready to, because you're about to hear about it a lot and for a long time, courtesy of Mr. Ayers himself who — apparently unaware that subtle sarcasm and conservative willful-credulity are a caustic combination — acknowledged the conspiracy meme

    Well, that's that. We are never again going to live in a world in which everybody's uncle, grandmother and brother-in-law walk around without a strong opinion about Barack Obama's personal memories about growing up without his father. Gone are the days in which a rational person could cite the President's childhood in Hawaii without a next-cubicle-over co-worker chiming in about how an unapologetic terrorist admitted to having fabricated that story. From now on, every Tea Party member in America is an expert on Barack Obama's personal history!

    Please enjoy this scared new world in which you now live.

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