• This Week on The Colbert Report: Michael Moore

    This week's Colbert Report brings us Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institutes of Health on Tuesday, to presumably talk about with Stephen health concerns, national concerns or institutional concerns. Then on Wednesday, Tim Schriver, Chairman and CEO of the Special Olympics stops by to talk about pizza. Or maybe something else. Something Special Olympics-related maybe. And then on Thursday, Piers Gibbon, host of the National Geographic Channel's' Eating With Cannibals swings by the studio to cook and eat Stephen. Maybe.

    Of course tonight's guest is Michael Moore, who you probably know as that guy who you see sometimes at the store, Assuming you live in Traverse City, Michigan. Otherwise, you might know him from documentaries like Capitalism: A Love Story or Fahrenheit  9/11. He'll most-likely talk to Stephen about video games. Or dune buggies. I don't know, I'm bad at making guesses.

    Here's Michael Moore from his last appearance on The Report from back in the heady days of economic strife in September of '09…

    The Colbert Report airs Monday through Thursday at 11:30/10:30c.

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