• Hoisted on Leonard Pierce's PetardCast

    So, this past weekend, I was interviewed by Leonard Pierce for his PetardCast podcast. And, now, I don't wanna oversell this or come off as full of myself or anything, but I think I almost didn't sound like a mentally feeble person in this time around.And my voice very nearly approaches non-grating. (Ugh! I feel like I'm getting a big head over here.) Leonard himself is a very funny, exceedingly intelligent guy with a warm soothing, and I think you'll enjoy listening to him talk.

    We discussed, among other things, the sensation of having hot oil splattered in your face every morning when you wake up, that one black Republican guy whose name we can't remember because there are soooo many others just like him, vinegar pie, and why Chicagoans should find a new name for that delicious thing they call "pizza" but which is clearly not pizza.

    Anyway, you can listen to it right over here if you're so inclined. You may also subscribe to The PedtardCast on iTunes.

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