• Lamenting the End of a WASP-Led America

    Don't you hate how everybody's always slandering the Tea Party movement? Is there no better way for unscrupulous liberals to make make headlines than by disparaging the good intentions of a group of all-American patriotic grass roots protesters by calling them racists? A claim, I may add, for which there is not one shred of evidence. It just makes you sick to the bottom of your stomach to see such chicanery, does  it not?

    Anyway, on a completely different note, here's an email that Dr. Rich Swier — contributing editor of Family Security Matters — sent out to the mailing list of Tea Party Nation

    What is keeping America's fertility rate up are immigrants – both legal and illegal.

    There are those in America who are continuously attacking the family, bent on redefining marriage and have established anti-family government programs. This has led to downward pressure on our national total fertility rate. All of these actions are done in the name of various causes such as: reducing unwanted pregnancies, delaying child bearing to further career goals and even promoting childlessness and promoting adoption as a better option.

    Child bearing has become something distasteful to many women, an unwanted and painful experience to be avoided rather than embraced.

    All of these programs, ideals and ideologies are doing one thing and one thing only – reducing America core TFR to the point of no return. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population in America is headed for extinction and with it our economy, well-being and survival as a uniquely America culture.

    I'll bet some sad sack liberals out there will somehow find a way to twist that into something racist, too.

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