• Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Big Plans for Terrible Idea

    If you knew, eight years ago — when you spent about a week-and-a-half jokingly referring to the newly-inaugurated California governor as "The Governator" before that got really tired and annoying — that it would ultimately lead to a sub-par version of Judge Dredd, would you have still done it? Was it worth it?

    Was it?

    Ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger announced his return to movies Monday, saying a film version of his much-publicized cartoon project The Governator is in the works.

    "First will come (The Governator) comic books, then a (cartoon) TV series and after that we will develop the games and then a movie," Schwarzenegger told a packed room of international journalists at global TV market MipTV in Cannes. "Maybe then we'll be back in Cannes for that."

    I don't know for sure what the plot of The Governator is going to be, but I have a pretty good idea of what it's going to be, and I hate it.

    Do you know what would be cool, though? If, like, an unstoppable killing machine was sent back in time to the year 2003 with express orders to find and stop the person who invented the name "Governator."

    I'm not talking about a movie.

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