• Baby Palins Now Spreading Across the Country

    Sometimes I get halfway through a blog post when I stop and ask myself why I even care about its subject matter enough to write about it. And then I'm rationalize that it's easier to just finish up with this one than it is to scrap it and start over from scratch on another topic.

    Well, that has nothing to do with this blog post, because this blog post is an incredibly important blog post!

    Did you know that some people are naming their babies Palin? Gah?!

    There are at least a few baby Palins out there. The number of families naming their babies Palin tripled from 2008 to 2009.

    Is it an homage to the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin? You betcha! The name’s popularity spiked when she arrived on the national political scene. Of course, many new parents are always on the prowl for new and unusual names – perhaps they just liked the sound of it…

    The number of Palins recorded by the BabyCenter web site grew from 3 per million in 2008 to 20 in 2009, and down slightly to 16 in 2010.

    What?! Sixteen whole people (Edit: per million, meaning around 4,900 people) named their babies after a weird cultural phenomenon last year? In America?! But we're known for our rational behavior. I simply cannot accept that.

    I mean, that's nearly three-times more babies named Palin than the last time they checked for babies named Frodo. And that name's a classic.

    Update: Thanks to Bad news in the comments for pointing out that I am stupid. 4,900 is definitely a lot more sad crazy people than 16. That said, it's still just a drop in the country's sad crazy bucket. We can be more sad crazy than this, America! We gave the world Pizza Pockets.

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