• Democratic Strategists Have a Plan… This Can't Be Good

    Uh oh. Will somebody pleas remind Democrats that being clever is not their strong suit?

    National Democratic leaders are asking state party officials to delay the Massachusetts presidential primary from March 6 until later in the spring, arguing in part that allowing the most Republican states to dominate the early voting would bolster the chances that a more conservative candidate will clinch the GOP nomination.

    Democrats believe that the more conservative candidates would be polarizing in the national election and have less of a chance of defeating President Obama than a moderate Republican, such as Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachusetts.

    First off, Eeeewwwwwww! That's a remarkably unseemly plan they've come up with there. It's not often you actually get to see an abstract concept like a political strategy literally glistening with its own extruded slime. So, for that one, we should be thankful to the Democrats for that one. We should also be thankful that it looks like state Dems are luckily too craven principled to actually go through with it…

    "We told them we are not interested," [Secretary of State William F.] Galvin said. "It is not in the interest of Massachusetts to do this. The gain of more delegate slots is not a good reason to manipulate the election calendar. There is no appetite for it here."

    This is definitely for the best. And I don't even mean that in a "Liberals shouldn't stoop to ratfucking techniques" kind of way. I mean it in a "Democrats are not very smart and prone to fucking themselves over" kind of way.

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