• Tea Partiers, Republicans and Southerners More Likely to Sympathize with Confederacy

    I find these numbers to be as depressing as I find them to be not-at-all surprising

    [Yesterday was] the 150th anniversary of the Civil War's beginning, when secessionists fired on Union troops at Fort Sumter, South Carolina. According to a new poll from CNN, the Civil War’s legacy remains unresolved. The poll finds that Republicans and Tea Party supporters are more likely to support the Confederacy and confederate leaders than Democrats or Independents.

    According to the poll, nearly one in four Americans sympathize with the Confederacy more than with the Union. That number grows to nearly four-in-ten among white Southerners. Among Tea Party members, 26 percent sympathize with the Confederacy more than the Union, and that number grows to 28 percent among Republicans.

    In other news, Southern Tea Party Republicans are 54 percent more likely to support the Empire while watching the original Star Wars trilogy, 63 percent more likely to root for the sorting hat to place Harry Potter in the House of Slytherin, and 76 percent more likely cry a little bit when Leatherface cuts himself with his own chainsaw and then does that weird sad dance at the end of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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