• Donald Trump Now Leads GOP Field by Nine Points

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    The survey released Friday by Public Policy Polling showed [Donald Trump] snaring 26 percent of the primary vote, while Huckabee takes 17 percent, Romney gets 15 percent, and Newt Gingrich grabs 11 percent.

    Sarah Palin, at whose expense Trump is clearly able to forge a path, takes just 8 percent, while Ron Paul has 5 percent. Michele Bachmann ties with fellow Minnesotan Tim Pawlenty for 4 percent.

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    Where Trump's support is coming from is clear — 23 percent of the GOP voters say they will only support a someone who doubts President Barack Obama's birthplace, and among those voters, Trump is surging. He gets more than a third of those who say they want a birther, while he gets less than 20 percent of those who aren't sure they want a birther at the top of their ticket.

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