• Growing Up Obama

    There's an awesome article in this Sunday's New York Times magazine about Barack Obama's mom, Stanley Ann Dunham. Because we are veteran political analysts and not soft, pliable narrative junkies, we're going to focus on the bits of information we gleaned about American Jesus rather than his mother.

    Here are the most important things you need to know about this article…

    1. It contains amazing photographs, the most fabulous of which was previously detailed on this site.

    2. Little racist-ass punk kids in Indonesia used to throw rocks at little Barack and hurl racial epithets at him, and everyone thought this was perfectly normal and acted like this was okay. He apparently ignored it. At the age of, like, seven. We would speculate on what that does to a child and how it forges a person's character, but we're just bloggers in our underpants.

    3. He is the secret crown prince of Kenya, where the locals drink the blood of white Christian NASCAR fans for funsies.

    J/K! Only the third thing is true.


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