• Gary Johnson Announces He's Running for President of Nochanceistan

    Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, who — despite having such traditionally conservative political views as favoring legalized marijuana, marriage equality and not nation-building in the Middle East — considers himself a Republican announced this morning, via Twitter, that he is running for president

    You really have to wonder what this guy's end game is. He's the kind of politician who I can actually imagine me and my progressive friends voting for over Obama — who, for the record, is opposed to all three of those things listed above — which means that he clearly has no chance of winning the GOP nomination whatsoever.

    Look at the Brundlefly monster that McCain's avarice turned himself into back in '08. Look at the cartoon characters that formerly semi-reasonable moderates like Romney, Giuliani and Trump have become in their quests for the twisted favor of Republican base.

    Look at Sarah Palin.

    What makes this obviously hopeless pursuit worth the time of a businessman like Johnson? Or is he actually so deluded that he thinks he can actually win?

    In which case, maybe he does have a place in the GOP field.

    (via The Raw Story)

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