• Michele Bachmann Is So Over Birthers

    Remember how you were really into The Shins, and then Zach Braff made that movie where Nattie Portman was all, "This music will change your life" and then you were like, "Ew?" And then you went down to the Salvation Army in your perfectly frayed corduroy pants and deliberately scuffed Chucks and totally donated the CD?

    This is exactly how Michele Bachmann feels about birthers

    Representative Michele Bachmann said in a television interview that she believes the conspiracy theories and questions surrounding the validity of President Obama’s birth certificate have been settled and declared that it was time to move onto real problems facing the country.

    "I take the president at his word," Ms. Bachmann, a Minnesota Republican who is close to jumping into the party's presidential nominating fight, said Wednesday.

    Seriously, you guys. Michele is SO OVER this ish. She's got way more hip, current stuff to focus on, like her faux-psychologist husband's gay-curing business, and the porno mags who want to photograph her adult children.

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