• Birther Conspiracy Theory: Greatest Idea Ever or Greatestest Idea Ever

    Do they give out Pulitzer Prizes for brilliant innovations in the fomentation of hatred? Because whomever it was who invented birtherism really deserves some kind of award. Maybe a golden pitchfork?

    Conor Friedersdorf expresses the payoff for this ingenious philosophy

    Indeed, half  of the Iowa GOP are birthers. It's so much of a problem that Ann Coulter and Karl Rove are out there assuring everyone that President Obama was in fact born in the United States. In doing so, they frame Birtherism as a trap liberals are setting. [Ed note: Hahahahahaha!] They're implicitly  criticizing all the mainstream voices on the right who've flirted with Birtherism, but are uninclined to name names, or to come right out and state that what those conservatives did has come back to bite the right.

    Some of us have long insisted that the conservative movement was going to pay for its embrace of demagoguery, anti-intellectualism, bombast in place of substance, and shameless pandering. For our trouble, we've been dismissed by talk radio hosts and conservative bloggers, who took an ends-justify-the-means approach to the 2010 primaries and opposition to President Obama generally.

    Lo and behold, the conservative movement is now paying a price, exactly as predicted. The GOP has a weak field for 2012, and although Donald Trump isn't going to win the nomination, his early status as a front-runner is an unwelcome distraction and may end up pulling other candidates toward the sort of absurd populism that will hurt them in a general election.

    Is there any possible way that primary debate moderators would be able to justify not asking the candidates whether or not they believe Obama was born in the country? And with 45 percent of the base believing the conspiracy, is there any right answer for the candidates?

    How much you wanna bet Mitt Romney 5.0 comes with an automatic birther upgrade?

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