• Move Over Donald Trump, the Smart Money's on Mitch Daniels

    by Brian Kraker

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching sports — besides the certainty that the Mets’ season will end on opening day — it’s to never count out the underdog. Even if a team is injury depleted or the Detroit Lions, it might just stumble its way into a victory.

    Apparently the same logic applies to presidential elections, because, according to the New York Times, being an early front runner doesn't guarantee a party bid

    Why, it was roughly four years ago when one former Senator — and network television actor — Fred Thompson of Tennessee was supposedly gaining steam as a front-runner alongside Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani of New York. A Quinnipiac University national poll had Mr. Giuliani leading with 27 percent and Mr. Thompson tied with Senator John McCain of Arizona at 15 percent.

    Of course, neither candidate got too far, as Mr. McCain later cinched the nomination after actual voting began.

    So Donald, if you want a chance at this thing, you better start dropping in the polls. Stop kissing babies, pile up jaywalking tickets, claim to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, or something; because right now, Mitch Daniels looks like the favorite.

    Regardless of what the poles say, though, I still think Ronald Reagan will get enough write in votes to beat them all.

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