• Pawlenty Campaign Is Like That Dream About Being in School on a Saturday

    Apparently Tim Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota with the self-designated schmoopie nickname "T-Paw," has opinions on issues from the economy to health care to national security and other stuff.

    I’m sorry what? I totally spaced out as I was typing that

    A frequent guest on television and radio programs about politics, Pawlenty also has released several flashy self-promoting Internet videos. Behind the scenes, he has a team of presidential campaign experts on his side.

    Still, all of this activity does not seem to be paying off for him. According to an analysis of March and April polling by RealClearPolitics.com, a website that reviews polling data from a variety of sources, among Republicans Pawlenty is averaging 3.4 percent support.

    Pawlenty should know by now that if he really wants to make a splash in the days leading up to the Republican primaries — especially before the first debate next week — he should weigh in on that birthering convo, insult DeNiro, or just be crazy.

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