• Arizona Passes Gun Law, Asks Nation If It's Feeling Lucky, Punk

    by Brian Kraker

    Every time I think of Arizona, I have that classic image in my head of Yosemite Sam indiscriminately firing his pistols and chasing Bugs across the western frontier.

    After yesterday, Arizona, the biggest looney tune of the 50 states, might as well slap the cartoon character on their official state seal

    Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Thursday signed a bill into law that makes the Colt Single Action Army Revolver the state's firearm, making Arizona only the second in the nation to have such a designation…

    The measure landed on the Republican governor's desk after narrow approval by the state House last week in the waning hours of the legislative session.

    Really Arizona? In this time of economic strife and social unrest, the most important thing on the agenda was debating what caliber gun best goes best with your state’s metaphorical blouse? (And yes, the Colt Single Action does make you look fat.)

    Personally, I’m disappointed in Arizona. Where was the lobbyist pushing for the AK-47? Shame on you sir, shame on you.

    (Photo via Getty Images)

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