• Genius Tennessee State Senate Bans the Word "Gay"

    America's children have a new hero. Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield (R-Knoxville) is pushing an adorable little measure by the name of SB49. Fans/foes have dubbed it the "Don't Say Gay" Bill.

    Well, that sounds just lovely, doesn't it? And it is

    As introduced, the bill would have put into law a declaration that it is illegal to discuss any sexual behavior other than heterosexuality prior to the ninth grade.

    Yes, if there's anything that will improve Tennessee's mediocre-by-American-standards, abysmal-by-First-World-standards public education system, surely it will be this.

    Let's learn more about Campfield, who is like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jesus all rolled into one!

    Campfield has been criticized on some blogs this week for seeking a $1,000 "retainer" fee to debate the "don't say gay" bill with Del Shores, a Texas-based movie producer and director who has made films on homosexuality.

    State law includes prohibitions on a legislator taking compensation for work related to legislative duties except for his or her salary and expense payments due from the state. Another statute prohibits legislators from accepting an honorarium except for travel expenses.

    Someone elect this man Mayor of the Universe!

    (Photo via the Tennessee General Assembly website)

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