• Conservatives and Terrorist Sympathizers Come Together in Shared Anger Over Osama bin Laden's Death

    Today — after the news we just recently received — truly is a day for everyone to come together and share our mutual emotions about the reported death of Osama bin Laden.

    It doesn't matter if you're a terrorism-sympathizing supporter of bin Laden or far right-wing conservative supporter of Rush Limbaugh, today is a day to wallow in bilious denial and fuming anger

    "I will wait for the Mujahideen to confirm this, and will not believe until I see a picture of his dead body," wrote one jihadi sympathizer on Islamic Awakening (IA)—one of several such forums provided to Mother Jones by Aaron Y. Zelin, a researcher at Brandeis University who tracks online militant activities on the website Jihadology.net.

    This sentiment, and many others by Islamists, were echoed by conservative detractors of the president. "Obama can claim what ever he wants but his word is no good," wrote one commenter on the right-wing site Free Republic. "Without proof that Osama is dead and staying dead, I don't have to believe anything he says."

    Among those who took the president at his word, the jihadis and right-wingers expressed anger…albeit for different reasons. Some Muslims suspected that Bin Laden had been defiled, in life and in death. "Brothers and Sisters," wrote one IA poster, "ive recieved disturbing news that the Sheikh was tortured before being shot, Their are videos reportedly surfacing of…a plunger being stuck in his rectum before being shot… MAY ALLAH destroy these barbarian kuffar."

    Conservatives, on the other hand, were concerned that the sea-burial plan, undertaken according to Muslim edicts, was too respectful an epilogue for a terrorist. "This is pathetic and I am sick of kissing up to Muslims, of which our president is one," wrote dayglored on Free Republic.

    Tough day for terrible people, huh?

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