• Same-Sexy Talk from the Minnesota House

    Over several hours of debate this week, Minnesota Rep. Steve Simon declared that an amendment to define marriage as man-woman only was an attempt to "enshrine religious beliefs" and that future generations would be ashamed of such a policy. He added that, if religiosity was a rightful bastion to which we should stick this argument, “how many gays must god create before we accept that he wants them around”?

    Many of those in attendance burst in applause at the sight of this political cryptid, also known as logic. One might in fact wonder how many committee members felt the curious mental tingling of independent thought, of wheels turning and forming new ideas, crafted not from what their ministers, fathers, or political parties told them, but from an argument presented all presto-changeo-style, right before their very eyes!

    Not many. The opposition was squashed 10-7 along party lines, so the amendment to ban same-sex marriage has advanced to the next stage. And pheee-yooo. You’d hate that the state that nurtured Hubert Humphrey — you remember, that zany Minnesota Senator-turned-Vice-President who urged the Democratic Party to end state-enforced racial segregation — to continue casting a wide net for civil rights.

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