• LiveBlog: South Carolina GOP Primary Debate – The Lesser Candidate Edition

    10:31 – Well, that's that. Five candidates with no personality and no chance of winning. Great way to spend a Thursday night. What did you guys think? make sure to check out tonight's Tweet the Press.

    10:30 – My impersonation of me every time Gary Johnson talked tonight: "Sorry, I'm still asleep from last time Pawlenty talked."

    10:29 – My impersonation of me every time Tim Pawlenty talked tonight: "Zzzzzzzzzzzz…"

    10:28 – "Positionship"?

    10:27 – I missed that. What was all that about Sarah Palin crawling on her hands and knees?

    10:24 – Santorum is being asked about the Newt. That sounds so perverted.

    10:23 – Tim Pawlenty: "I love the Huck." Or did I mishear that?

    10:22 – Finally! Somebody is going to talk about Sarah Palin! It's about time somebody with a personality is called to mind.

    10:17 – My dog has been crying every time Rick Santorum talks. Weird. Usually he gets projectile diarrhea.

    10:15 – Lightning Round! (I hope they do Plinko next.)

    10:13 – "Herman Cain, why do you think that you're not just a big joke?" – Chris Wallace (paraphrased)

    10:12 – Chris Wallace: "I never though heroin would get applause here in South Carolina." I'm guessing he hasn't seen much of the state.

    10:10 – "Choices for women? Careful here, Rick." – The Indecider

    10:08 – So this is the round where Chris Wallace asks questions about things that will be problems for these candidates getting elected, huh? Is he going to ask them about why they're all such awful candidates?

    10:06 – Is that Tim Pawlenty's voice there? I couldn't recognize it without the horror movie music behind it.

    10:04 – Hey, does anybody know if Tim Pawlenty grew up in a meatpacking town?

    9:55 – Actual applause for marriage equality? Or was that applause just for Ron Paul opening his mouth? Must be a confused vibe in the room.

    9:50 – Hazel-rah is unimpressed with this debate so far…

    9:45 – I like how Satanslollipop has his own private liveblog going on down there in the comments. I don't like how much funnier it is than this liveblog up here. Don't you upstage me, motherscratcher!

    9:42 – "Why is Pawlenty On Stage With These Crazy People?" – Frum Forum
    "Why are those crazy people on stage with that other crazy person?" – Me

    9:39 – How does Rick Santorum manage to look so smug while sounding so childish?

    9:37 – Finally! Somebody's giving Gary Johnson a chance to sound silly.

    9:34 – Nobody better tell Herman Cain to put on the glasses, or there's gonna be one hell of a fist fight up there.

    9:26 – I like how Fox News is pretending like these are real candidates. They even pulled out the good movie thriller music.

    9:21 – "I would respect Pawlenty a lot more if he would just admit that he was running for Vice President." – Adam Carl

    9:19 – "Do you think they had to draw straws on who got to wear the suit that fits and Johnson lost?" – my producer Darcy

    9:18 – Keith David sounds very comfortable up there.

    9:17 – Did waterboarding just get a huge round of applause?

    9:16 – Tim Pawlenty: "I used to be on the fence on waterboarding. But then, you know, Muslims!"

    9:12 – Rick Santorum: "I'm not anti-Islam. I'm just anti-Islamic stuff."

    9:06 – This Jeff Dunham dummy really does resemble Ron Paul quite a bit. Very impressive craftsmanship. But the voice is way over the top. Too silly. No verisimilitude.

    9:04 – I think it was a bold move on Fox's part to hold this debate inside an empty airplane hanger. Wow, and you can barely hear that echo.

    9:01 – Hahaha! That guy's name is Santorum? Is that for real? Doesn't he know what that means?

    9:00 – I am so excited! I cannot wait to find out which one of these candidates is going to place sixth!

    8:57 - Is this thing on? Is it on? Hello? Sibilance! Sibilance!


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