• Herman Cain Impresses Easily Impressed Fox News Focus Group

    If you watched last night's debate, you were probably struck by how non-striking most of those second and third (and, let's be honest here, fourth)-tier candidates looked up there on that dais.

    However, there was one candidate up there who apparently stood out from the pack in a meaningful way: pizza magnate Herman Cain. That guy really mumble mumble mumble something breath of fresh air…

    Do you have any idea what these people are talking about? He converted half these people into supporters because of why? Because he can identify a problem? Because he's likable? Because he's precise? Because he's capable of reciting conservative bullet points?

    "He won us over; I think he can win America over." – focus group lady with very low standards

    It's always a good day when Republicans find a new shiny object.

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