• Donald Trump's Popularity Suddenly Plunges for No Discernable Reason

    You guys heard that thing about how sometimes a political candidate can be too good and too accomplished to win, haven't you? That's a real not-made-up thing, right? I'm sure it is. Because what other possible explanation could there be for this

    Donald Trump has had one of the quickest rises and falls in the history of Presidential politics. Last month we found him leading the Republican field with 26%. In the space of just four weeks he's dropped all the way down to 8%, putting him in a tie for fifth place with Ron Paul.

    Tied with Ron Paul? Oh, man. I'll bet even Ron Paul can appreciate how humiliating that is…

    As Trump got more and more exposure over the last month Republicans didn't just decide they weren't interested in having him as their nominee- they also decided they flat don't like him. Only 34% of GOP voters now have a favorable opinion of Trump to 53% who view him in a negative light.

    What I think happened was that as people became more familiar with him and saw how masterfully he shamed the president into releasing that probably-still-fake birth certificate, all the Republicans in the country started getting really jealous of his obviously superior competence and intelligence and attractiveness. Not to mention that beautiful head of hair.

    You know, the exact same thing happened with Jesus.

    That's why Trump was cast out of the heavens and made to live with mortal men. True story.

    Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

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