• Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Takes Courageous Stand Against the Poors

    Next time the devil goes down to Georgia, he’d better bring his papers with him. Gov. Nathan Deal don't cotton to any of them illegal alien types, of whom Satan is surely not even the most evil!

    Yes, more heinous even then Lucifer himself is the average impoverished Central American migrant farmworker, who works 18-hour days in the Georgia heat with no health benefits to offset, say, the cancers caused by the toxic chemicals he inhales all the livelong day and night. Nor can this selfish brown person count on guaranteed housing, aside from the occasional squalid group of trailers reserved by the farmer for this purpose. Serves him right, for greedily demanding his $2.50/hour from the massa. Isn't there a Starbucks he can get work at back home in Quito, or perhaps one of them Taco Bell/McDonald's combo joints?

    Anyhoo, let us reflect on what the brave, rich, conservative white man from Georgia did last week in order to protect his upstanding people from the gross browns

    The law is similar to measures in Arizona and Utah that have drawn legal challenges and economic boycotts. Mr. Deal, a Republican, said he would have preferred a comprehensive immigration overhaul from the federal government.

    "Illegal immigration is a complex and troublesome issue, and no state alone can fix it," he said. "We will continue to have a broken system until we have a federal solution. In the meantime, states must act to defend their taxpayers."

    Yes, protect them from the murderous abuelas who raise their children now that mammies are out of style, as well as from the busboys who clear away their fancy $20 plate of grits in their enlightened New South restaurants. Congratulations, Nate Deal. You are America’s latest and greatest hero.

    Photo by Scott J. Ferrell/Congressional Quarterly/Getty Images

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