• Pakistan Totally Flirting with China

    When any great romance begins to flounder, there generally can be found a third party waiting to pick up the pieces (and touch the sexy parts!) of one of the aggrieved parties. And so it is with the USA and Pakistan’s crumbling, backstabbing, gun-filled relationship.

    Yes, China has swooped in to soothe Pakistan’s fevered brow and also take over one of its naval ports. Looks like there ARE other fish in the sea, Islamabad. Also: gunboats!

    Pakistan's defense minister said China has agreed to take over operation of the strategically positioned but underused port of Gwadar, and that Islamabad would like the Chinese to build a base there for the Pakistani navy.

    Ahmad Mukhtar gave no clear timetable on the possible change at Gwadar, on Pakistan's western coast, which is currently managed by a Singaporean government company. But his statement Saturday is the latest illustration of how Pakistan is portraying China as a powerful alternative ally and aid source if the U.S. scales down military assistance for Islamabad in the aftermath of Osama bin Laden's killing.

    Then again, maybe Pakistan is just using China to make the U.S. jealous. If it works, and the U.S. is all, "OMG Pakistan! We're so sorry, we missed you so much, you're our one true love!" then who will China take to Global Domination Prom?

    It's questions like these that keep international geopolitical experts up at night, crying into their pink plastic diaries.

    Photo by Jason Lee-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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