• Anthony Weiner and the Strange Case of the Tweeted Wiener

    So, what's all this shit with Anthony Weiner? Somebody hacked into his Twitter account and sent a picture of a dude's dong in some underwear? That seems really stupid. This is probably not worth talking about, right?

    Oh, the actual media is treating it like it's a real story?! Oh, well, then I guess it's a real story. I mean, can't really question the instincts of CNN, can you?

    So, alright, let's do this thing

    Rep. Anthony Weiner's spokesman says the New York Democrat has retained counsel to explore possible legal action after a lewd photograph was posted on his Twitter feed this weekend. According to Weiner, the photograph, which showed a close-up of a man's crotch in tight underwear and was addressed to a 21-year-old Seattle woman, was the work of a hacker.

    "We've retained counsel to explore the proper next steps and to advise us on what civil or criminal actions should be taken," Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold said in an email to The Daily Caller. "This was a prank. We are loath to treat it as more, but we are relying on professional advice."

    Look, I'll be honest with you. I'm having a hard time following this story. Left wing sources are making it seem like an open-and-shut case of fraud. And right wing sources are making me wonder about how open and shut it really is. So, I'm definitely open to hearing all the facts…

    Over the weekend, the story was quickly pushed by conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website–[Record Scratch]

    Andrew Breitbart is involved?! You mean the guy who edited that footage of Shirley Sherrod to smear her name and get her fired from the Department of Agriculture? The guy who helped James O'Keefe misrepresent ACORN to get them defunded by Congress? That Andrew Breitbart? He's involved in this?!

    Well then why is anybody taking it seriously at all?

    Have any of that guy's websites ever broken a story that didn't turn out to be a fraud on some level? Like, ever?

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