• President Obama Even Less Popular Than That President Obama Guy

    Do you guys remember when the U.S. used to have a functioning economy instead of this rotten-potato-smelling garbage dump that we've all had our worthless money stuck in for the past three years? Do you remember when a dollar used to be worth more than 70 cents? Or when there was more than seven jobs in the entire country with 9 million people lined up to interview for?

    No, I don't either. And, apparently, neither does anybody else

    Obama’s overall approval rating fell to 47 percent in the Washington Post-ABC News poll released late Monday, while 49 percent of Americans surveyed said they disapprove of his job performance, including 37 percent who strongly disapprove of the president.

    At the same time, disapproval of his handling of the economy hit a new high of 59 percent in the poll, up from 55 percent in early May. Approval of his handling of the economy stayed steady at 40 percent…

    And, on the weakness of those numbers, Obama has fallen behind Republican presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney for the first time, getting 46 percent of the vote to the former Massachusetts governor’s 49 percent among registered voters.

    Oh man! Quick! Can we have the election right now? If we had the election real quick right now, Mitt Romney would win for sure!

    Unless he says something first. But he's smart enough not to do that, right?

    Photo by Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

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