• U.S. + Saudi Arabia = Luv 4-Eva

    In this time of upheaval and revolution in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Bahrain, and all those other farflung sandy places, it's easy to forget about our #1 BFF in the Middle East (besides the 51st state, Israel): Saudi Arabia!

    Sure, nearly all the September 11th hijackers were Saudis, and Osama bin Laden was a naughty Saudi trustafarian, and Saudi Arabia THROWS WOMEN IN JAIL FOR DRIVING CARS, but who cares? Saudi Arabia sells us lots of oil, which is made of the blood of dinosaurs and also children.

    The New York Times has a lovely piece on just how Saudi Arabia is currently keeping its oppressed citizenry in check

    King Abdullah paid an extra two months’ salary to government employees and spent $70 billion alone for 500,000 units of low-income housing. As a reward to the religious establishment, he allocated about $200 million to their organizations, including the religious police. Clerics opposed to democratic changes crowed that they had won a great victory over liberal intellectuals.

    "They don't care about the security of the country, all they care about is the mingling of genders — they want girls to drive cars, they want to go the beaches to see girls in bathing suits!" roared Mohamed al-Areefy, a popular young cleric, in a recent Friday sermon.

    Let's all get down on our knees and pray to our American God (the dollar bill) in order to give thanks that we continue to collaborate with this nation of cousin-marrying psychopaths. Hooray for capitalism!

    Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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