• White House Rural Council Will Blow Your Mind

    OMG YOU GUUUUYS! It does NOT get BIGGER than THIS! Hold onto your hats and helmets and other extraneous and unnecessary headwear, because it might just get BLOWN THE EFF OFF when you hear this!

    Okay. Okay okay okay okay. OKAY! Ready? Are you ready? Check this out — and don't say we didn't warn you: President Obama has created a Rural Advisory Group.

    Are you still breathing?

    Whew! Thought we'd lost you for a moment there! Hey, listen, if you need to get some water or something, we totally get it. Just try to talk yourself down before you dive into this heady bit of breaking news

    Mr. Obama is signing the executive order to create the White House Rural Council, and will name Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack as chairman, administration officials said.

    The council will provide recommendations on ways to invest in the economy in rural areas. It will coordinate exchanges between businesses and local communities, farmers and tribal governments, looking for ways to get the country’s estimated 60 million rural residents better access to education, health care and job opportunities.

    We can only assume this will be a much better use of Tom Vilsack's time than, say, firing elderly black women because he's afraid of Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck.

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