• Liveblogging Anthony Weiner's Resignation, 2pm

    2:25 – Well, that's that. He just resigned. The gentleman will sit. The gentleman will sit, indeed.

    2:23 – "Are you more than seven inches?" – someone in the crowd. I didn't think Larry Craig would show up.

    2:22 – Weiner is really trying to flatter his constituents up there. I give him about 30 seconds before he shows them his schlong.

    2:21 – Weiner is up!

    2:20 – What do you think David Vitter is thinking about, while watching all this unfold? I'll bet it's something like, "Baby wants his diaper."

    2:13 – MSNBC will have live video of the press conference once it starts.

    2:07 – It's kinda nice to hear that Huma Abedin won't be doing the stoic supportive wife standing next to the apologetic politician thing. Should make more room on the stage for Andrew Breitbart.

    2:02 - I hear Capitol Police are investigating a suspicious package outside Weiner's office. I guess that means Weiner's approaching the press room.

    1:59 - So, apparently this press conference is only going to last for about 5 minutes. That's kind of a disappointment. I'd thought Weiner could go longer than that.



    Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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