• Your New and Improved Death Weaponry

    Oh, hello! Would you like to learn a fun fact courtesy of your BFFs here at Indecision (and our BFFs at our "lil' sister" publication, The New York Times?)

    Okey-dokes! Here goes: While you relax in front of your laptop, desktop, iPad or mobile phone, the computerized murder devices you bought for your Uncle Sam last April 15th are whizzing around the world shooting people in the fucking face. Let's learn more!

    The Pentagon now has some 7,000 aerial drones, compared with fewer than 50 a decade ago. Within the next decade the Air Force anticipates a decrease in manned aircraft but expects its number of "multirole" aerial drones like the Reaper — the ones that spy as well as strike — to nearly quadruple, to 536. Already the Air Force is training more remote pilots, 350 this year alone, than fighter and bomber pilots combined.

    "It's a growth market," said Ashton B. Carter, the Pentagon's chief weapons buyer.

    Yes, Ashton, a growth market. Just like elder-care condos in Boca Raton! Also, who knew there were non-Kutchers named Ashton, much less the guy with the unlimited line of credit on Lady Liberty's Diners Club Death Card?

    Aaaanyhoozles, please encourage your children to join the military so that they spend their careers playing fun real-life video games from the safety and comfort of your awful home state. It's exactly like Grand Theft Auto, except the dead people are actual people who you actually kill.

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