• Rick Perry Considers Lethally Injecting Himself into GOP Presidential Campaign

    Rick Perry's aides are working hard to determine what logistical challenges the three-term Texas Governor would face in entering the 1950's Phone-Booth-Stuffing Contest that has become the GOP Presidential race

    "Among their considerations is whether Mr. Perry has enough time to raise sufficient cash, which generally requires personal contact with donors and fund-raisers."

    I'll be honest, I'm surprised his aides have identified "having enough time to raise cash" and not "wanting Texas to secede from the Union" as Perry's logistical challenge, because "logistically" speaking, secession would render Governor Perry a non-U.S. citizen and therefore the scariest political candidate a GOP voter could ever imagine.

    So yea, Ol' Perry's got some bigger fish to deep-fry, and if I were him, I'd "Reverse Gingrich" (fire) my current staff to make way for some aides that can actually address my issues head-on, help me move past the GOP nomination and onto my inevitably unsuccessful Presidential run.

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