• Michele Bachmann's Carousel o'Kiddies!

    As anyone who listens to her for more than five seconds will learn, Michele Bachmann has raised five biological children and "raised" (i.e., taken in for a few months or over a year) 23 foster children. Based on current conversion data, Bachmann's rotating carousel of 23 foundlings is greater than or at least equal to two (2) "Trigs," the commonly-accepted form of trophy child currency.

    Let's learn more about the Bachmann family's happy, virulently anti-gay home

    He [private foster placement agency head George Hendrickson] said the Bachmann home was "technically considered a treatment home," which offered a higher level of reimbursement. (The current rate is $47 a day, Mr. Hendrickson said.) That designation required a higher standard of care from parents who had the educational and emotional capability to handle "serious mental health issues." Dr. Bachmann's training was an asset.

    Ah, yes, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, a psychologist who has a subspecialty in pray-away-the-gay-ology. Since common estimates put the percentage of gays in the general population at 10%, we can assume that around 2.3 of those foster kids left the Bachmann home with a boatload of extra self-hate on top of the problems with which they went in.

    For this reason and so many others, Michele and Marcus Bachmann are like Jesus times 1000! May they reign over us in the United States as they eventually will over us all in Heaven.

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