• Is Marco Rubio Handsome Enough to Be Vice-President?

    The race for the GOP Presidential nomination has officially become an exercise in herding confused, affection-seeking, babbling, scratching, sad, desperate, tired, aging cats.

    Jon Huntsman has upped the handsome Mormon quotient, sure, but to what end? And Sarah Palin will be sequestered doing her 12 Angry Men bit until the nomination is safely squared away (oh, to be a fly on the wall for that voir dire).

    But not to worry! If the GOP can’t fill the Oval Office with someone decent, the ever-so-enviable office of Vice-President will save the day!

    [Mr. Marco Rubio (R-FL)] was pressed to join the presidential sweepstakes, but declined because of his newcomer status to the Senate. But he has several appeals as the number two man on the ticket.

    First, he is a big vote getter in the electoral swing state of Florida, which is a must win state for Republicans. Second, his Hispanic heritage is a proven vote-getter with Latino voters. A third draw is that Mr. Rubio has indisputable conservative and tea party credentials, which would make him a natural pair with Mr. Romney, who is seen by some as a moderate, corporatist Republican.

    Yes, yes! Put the vaguely handsome, fresh-faced guy on the ticket. Having just turned 40 this May, he’s too new to have gathered a damning past. He’s even new enough for the Tea Party to love him.

    Personally, I think Mitt was doodling on cocktail napkins and got real excited about the design potential of having a ticket with MR-MR. Think of all the cool things you could do with that!

    It’s gotten that bad.

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