• Pat Robertson Warns That Gay Marriage Signals the Collapse of United States

    You thought that the recent New York Senate decision for marriage equality was a victory for civil liberties and basic human rights? Nope! Shows what you know.

    Pat Robertson — in his usual charming manner — explains why this is actually the death knell of America

    "In history there's never been a civilization ever in history that has embraced homosexuality and turned away from traditional fidelity, traditional marriage, traditional child-rearing, and has survived. There isn’t one single civilization that has survived that openly embraced homosexuality. So you say, 'what's going to happen to America?' Well if history is any guide, the same thing’s going to happen to us."

    There scariest thing is, he's right! Pat Robertson is totally right! Gayistan — gone! Friends of Dorothylvania — gone! Democratic Republic of Homo — gone! They're all gone! All the thousands of nations that actively embraced homosexuality have all fallen into collapse. Almost as if they never existed in the first place.

    And, you know what? All go Pat Robertson one further: No planet that has ever expressed a tolerance for sexual freedoms has not ultimately — within a ten or so billion years — been swallowed by the sun that exists at the center of its solar system. Never! Name one exception. You can't!

    Is that really what we want for the Earth?

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