• Mitt Romney's Plan to Move Utah's Primary Because of Mormons and All

    Mitt Romney may be on the verge of losing the Iowa caucuses to that lady with the scary eyes, but he'll always have Utah with its lush fields of Mormon voters. Unfortunately, Utah voters don't really get to have their say until way after everybody stopped caring what anyone else says.

    That is, unless

    Mitt Romney’s Utah advisers are working to try to get the state’s Republican presidential primary moved up, from late June to earlier in the spring where it might play a bigger role in the nomination process…

    Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, who is a Romney backer and the state’s elections supervisor, said he has had discussions with the Romney campaign about moving the election and that, from his perspective, the change could still happen.

    "I talked to the Romney people and said, ‘Is this important for you?’ And they said, ‘A win is a win and delegate votes may really count,’ " Bell said. "I would love to see Utah matter and not be a fly-over state and have a real impact on the election."

    This seems to me like a really solid strategic idea. What use is it for Romney to be a Mormon — besides the millions upon millions of dollars that members of the church will be shoveling into the Romney campaign machine at the behest of their elders — if he can't use Utah's electoral votes? So, if he can move that primary up to when its outcome will actually matter, he totally should.

    In fact, I think the other candidates should try similar plans if they can. What's to stop Herman Cain from trying to replace primary votes with delicious pepperoni pizzas? Or for Sarah Palin to have the Iowa caucuses reinvented into a reality television show which would allow for a camera on her and her family 24 hours a day? Or for Tim Pawlenty to petition to have math reversed so that he ends up in first place!

    These are all great ideas completely in the spirit of our electoral system!

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