• Tom Petty & The Michelle Bachmann Campaignbreakers

    In what can only be described as an effort to remain relevant outside of karaoke bars, Tom Petty thrust himself into political news today, asking Michele Bachmann — who has been playing Petty's 1977 hit "American Girl" during her campaign events — to stop

    When the newly minted Republican presidential candidate left the stage in Waterloo, Iowa, after making a nationally televised speech to announce her candidacy, Petty's track "American Girl" could be heard playing her off. But that might be the last time this happens. Yesterday Petty's manager asked Bachmann's team to not use the song again.

    How serious is Petty taking the matter? His people issued Bachmann's with a 'cease and desist' letter from publishers Wixen Music Publishing, who don't want voters under the impression that he supports the GOP candidate.

    Of course, this is terrible news for Bachmann, who uses nearly all of Tom Petty's song library to subtly communicate her ideologies to voters.

    Songs like 'Don't Come Around Here No More," which expresses the candidate's views towards immigrants, "Don't Do Me Like That," which highlights her feelings towards homosexuality, "Free Fallin," which conveys her ideas about the ideal state in which governments should exist, and of course, "Even the Losers (Get Lucky Sometimes)," Bachmann's self-affirming ode to her own campaign.

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