• LiveBlog: Glenn Back's Last Stand

    5:58 – He let the day light in. That's how the show ends? By killing all the vampires? Heavy.

    5:57 – Only three minutes left. Not… sure… if… can… make it…

    5:55 – "I am determined with my last breath to fix this country. One person… one country… one planet at a time." See, I knew this guy doesn't have a messiah complex. He is God.

    5:48 – Glenn Beck saw the Spiderman musical how many times? Is there anything he doesn't have shitty taste about?

    5:44 – "You will pray for the time when we will pray for the time that I was only on the air for one hour a day." Oh no! Is he getting a 90 minute show?!

    5:42 – Glenn Beck is really really intent on making us believe that he's leaving Fox News all on his own and not because the only companies who will advertise on his show are apocalypse-mongers. I guess that makes it true. Jeeze, I hope that Roger Ailes isn't too upset.

    5:38 – Look at this! Glenn Beck is talking to his cameramen. As if they were real people. How cool!

    5:35 – I will admit, I only act like children's show host to hack the left off.

    5:30 – This show is being broadcast live = Glenn Beck decided to walk away from this show he's so sad to leave. Huh?

    5:27 – "I have a desire to do more than commentary." Uh oh, this is where he admits that he's a trans-dimensional war lord, isn't it?

    5:21 – Oh no, everybody?! Where am I gonna buy my gold bullion after Glenn Beck's show ends?!

    5:20 – Hahahaha! Look at Jon Stewart with all those writers who do fact checking and stuff! What a rube!

    5:16 – "We've done it with chalk boards. Is that bizarre?" Well…

    5:14 – I'm pretty sure my schizophrenic uncle has that exact same chalk board!

    5:12 – How nice that Beck is getting one last chance to blather something or other about Adolf Hitler.

    5:08 – It's true! Before Glenn Beck, I had no idea that "progressive" was a synonym for "Nazi."

    5:06 – Look at all those magnets! No wonder the show was so confusing.

    5:05 – Wow. Glenn Beck's tribute to Glenn Beck was truly something.

    5:04 – Oh my. This retrospective is really heart-wrenching. I cannot believe what we're all losing.

    5:02 - Why is Glenn Beck walking around out on the street? He's not homeless now too, is he?


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