• Gay Menace Takes Over New York

    Now that the homosexuals have their gay marriage in the formerly-great State of New York, everything is falling to pieces. Dirty, nasty, sinful pieces. By way of evidence, we present this horrific man-couple.Their evil union of condemned butts shall be officiated by none other than Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

    Make certain your children's eyes are turned away from your computing-screen, lest they go blind from the unspeakable filth we are about to unleash before you

    Mr. Mintz, 47, and Mr. Feinblatt, 60, met 14 years ago on a blind date that began, perhaps inauspiciously, with a tour of a Midtown court for quality of life crimes that Mr. Feinblatt founded, and ended, rather romantically, with a walk through Central Park and a drink at the Royalton Hotel.

    "It was a classic first date," Mr. Mintz said.

    Not long after, Mr. Mintz relocated from Rhode Island to New York City, the couple bought a house in the West Village, and, with the help of a surrogate, fathered two children: Maeve, now 8, and Georgia, 6.

    They both took jobs in the Bloomberg administration. Mr. Feinblatt became the city's criminal justice coordinator, leading a nationwide campaign to rid city streets of illegal guns. Mr. Mintz took the helm of the city's consumer arm, battling fraud and counseling the poorest New Yorkers on how to achieve financial independence.

    A first date worthy of an adorable 1950s rom com? Home ownership? Fatherhood? Monogamy? Crime-fighting? WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE MONSTERS?! This is what happens when deviants are treated like human beings.

    Somewhere, Michele Bachmann is crying huge tears out of her ginormous, unblinking eyes.

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