• Ann Coulter Is Desperate for More Attention from You

    Ann Coulter used to make me angry. Then she made me laugh. Now she just makes me yawn.

    The Daily Caller recently published a list of ten "shocking" things in Ann Coulter’s book Demonic (Ed note: Demonic!) that will (supposedly) drive liberals crazy.

    Most of them are predicated on the assumption that the reader is ignorant (or in denial) that the Republican Party usurped the Democrats' Dixiecratic voting bloc several decades ago ("The GOP has always been the party supporting civil rights, not the Democratic Party"). Others are weird exercises in pretzel logic ("Democrats are anti-science"). Some seem kind of like the ramblings of a schizophrenic ("Liberals are not a part of the American tradition").

    Have you been driven crazy yet?

    If not, this one might help. It's the one they save for last, and that's because it's definitely the best. And by "best," I mean "Ann Coulter is obviously a very sad person who is desperate for attention"…

    "But more important, abortion clinic violence should not be filed under 'Political Violence' at all. It should be filed under 'Things Liberals Won’t Let Americans Vote On.'… When there is no legal process for pro-lifers to pursue to outlaw abortion — unlike every policy liberals violently protest — some pro-lifers will inevitably respond to lawlessness with lawlessness," Coulter writes. "In the first few years after [Planned Parenthood v. Casey], about six more people were killed in attacks on abortion clinics. Most of the abortionists were shot or, depending upon your point of view, had a procedure performed on them with a rifle."

    ¨There were no more constitutional options left to fight judicial tyranny on the little matter of mass murder,¨ she concludes.  ¨Thus, abortion clinic violence is more akin to the Tiananmen Square protests in Communist China than any liberal riot in America. Want to stop violence at abortion clinics? Repeal Roe and let Americans vote.¨

    Sigh. So, now it's come to this? Coming out as a apologist for domestic terrorism? (You know, joking about the murder of innocent people isn't normal, but on media attention withdrawal it is!) All this just in the hopes that you'll please pay her a little bit more attention. Get mad at her! Call her stupid! Call her names! Say whatever you want, just please please please don't forget about her.

    Look, here's a blog post. That should hold her over for a few minutes.

    (via Little Green Footballs)

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