• Mitch McConnell Devises Way to Raise Debt Ceiling and Punch Obama in the Neck at the Same Time

    Clever girl, Mitch McConnell! Clever girl.

    You see, here's the thing. The Senate Minority Leader has successfully figured out a way to raise the debt ceiling — thus allowing the country to maintain not falling into complete collapse — but to at the same time treat that like it's an awful un-American deviant thing and then blame the President for it.


    Right, exactly!

    Under McConnell's foolproof plan, the President can raise the debt ceiling himself. But only a little bit at a time. And only after Republicans get to vote against it and call him names and stuff about a dozen times or so

    It works like this: The plan “would give the President the ability to request smaller increases in the debt ceiling — coupled with proposed spending cuts of at least $2.5 trillion over the next year. It would provide for up to three separate sets of votes on a resolution disapproving of the increase — one later this month, the second in the fall of 2011 and the third in the summer of 2012… The first set of votes would avoid the current default danger and ask the president for a $700 billion increase in the debt ceiling; two subsequent requests would be for $900 billion increases.

    You see! Republicans get to not raise taxes on billionaires and the whole country gets to punt this issue off until next year, right in the meat of the campaign season. Everybody wins! (Except for most people.)

    I'm a little disappointed though that McConnell didn't include a stipulation that the President has make any debt ceiling requests with his pants around his ankles.

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