• Rick Perry Might Be Just About Ready to Start Saving America

    It's been a tough 235 years, America. Oh, the indignities that we've had to suffer through. So many non-divinely-appointed prophets of the Architect of All Creation! When will our time in the wilderness finally come to an end?! When will America finally receive its Chosen One?

    Um, most likely in a couple weeks, depending on how polling goes in Iowa and New Hampshire

    "I'm not ready to tell you that I’m ready to announce that I’m in," Gov. Rick Perry told The Des Moines Register. "But I'm getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what I’ve been called to do. This is what America needs."…

    "I'll be real honest with you, I don’t wake up in the morning — never did and still don’t today — and say, 'Gee, I want to be president of the United States,' " Perry, 61, said by phone last week.

    But his wife, Anita, and hundreds of people nationwide say they want him to run, he said. He said he would likely decide in two or three weeks.

    But can we really ask Gov. Perry to perform such a selfless act of sacrifice? Surely, it is too much to ask of him. Much much too much to ask of any man, beloved instrument of the Almighty or not. Father, take this cup of suffering away from Gov. Perry.

    At least until Bachmann's numbers start to tank.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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