• Rupert Murdoch Miraculously Survives Attempted Pie Attack

    Oh, this is terrible. This is so so terrible.

    Rupert Murdoch — CEO of News Corp, which owns news outlets around the world, including Fox News and the New York Post in the United States — was brought before British Parliament to discuss his involvement in the phone-hacking of a murdered girl, 9/11 victims, multiple celebrities and a U.K. head of state. And some guy came out of nowhere with a pie tin full of shaving cream with which attempted to hit Murdoch in the face.

    Great. Now this news story is turning into a circus

    A protester rushed at Rupert Murdoch as he gave testimony to British lawmakers Tuesday, setting off a scuffle and spattering Murdoch with what appeared to be white foam in a foil pie dish in a shocking interruption of a hearing into the phone hacking scandal that's rocked the media baron's global empire.

    After more than two hours of testimony, a man in a plaid shirt appeared to run toward Murdoch before being struck by his wife Wendi Deng.

    Police in the back of the committee room were holding an apparently handcuffed man with white foam covering his face and shirt. The foam also appeared to have hit Murdoch's suit.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the Murdoch family now, in this very trying moment.

    Maybe some of our phone messages, too. It's definitely possible.

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