• Eric Cantor Protecting His Wealthy Donors from His Wealthy Donors Who Want His Wealthy Donors' Taxes Raised

    Sure must be a lonely lonely time for our nation's millionaires and billionaires. Seems like everybody is trying to persecute and terrorize them with modest tax increases. (One day when Hollywood makes a movie about their plight, I think they should cast Jim Caviezel as the Bush Tax Cuts.)

    Now even millionaires and billionaires are joining in the gang-up on themselves. Luckily, they have guys like Eric Cantor in their corner working for/against their best interests

    Adding an unusual twist to the political maneuvering, GOP aides say that wealthy donors have approached Cantor to push tax increases

    A few wealthy donors have called Cantor to tell him they wouldn't mind if their taxes are raised. During two closed meetings this week — one with vote-counting lawmakers, and another with the entire conference — Cantor told colleagues that some well-heeled givers have told them they’re willing to pay more taxes. Cantor, according to an aide, has responded that House Republicans aren't standing up for the wealthy, but rather for the middle class, who want to see their taxes stay low.

    Oh, well, fantastic news for Cantor and House Republicans then, because the only people advocating raising taxes on the middle class are House Republicans. So, it should be really easy for them to stand up for them. In fact, they can just stand. Or sit. Or lie down and don't do anything.

    That'd probably be super effective.

    (via Political Animal)

    Photo by Scott J. Ferrell/CQ-Roll Call Group/Getty Images

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