• Top UK Cop Resigns After Having Chakras Cleared

    Because you are a genius and you read Indecision (one goes hand in hand with the other, really), you know by now that there's a big ol' political/news/entertainment/phone hacking/crazytown scandal happening in Britain these days. We couldn't help but notice the way in which this fustercluck illustrates differences between the United States and Great Britain — especially when it comes to police scandals.

    For example, your average U.S. police scandal involves, say, the NYPD maybe possibly raping a lady, or perhaps a man! But across the pond, Scotland Yard's chief officer just resigned because he took a lovely vacation at a spa

    Sir Paul Stephenson, the outgoing head of Scotland Yard who resigned on Sunday, was forced to defend his relationship with a former news executive for the News of the World, Neil Wallis. He denied any wrongdoing in his relationship with Mr. Wallis, a former News of the World deputy editor at the time of widespread phone hacking at the newspaper who later was hired as a media consultant for the police… Mr. Wallis was also a public relations executive at a health spa, Champneys, in Watford, north of London, where Sir Paul received free hospitality for five weeks this year while recuperating from a leg injury.

    Mr. Wallis was arrested last week in the police investigation into phone hacking.

    "When I became aware that Mr. Wallis was in some way connected with Champneys, I thought that was a very difficult story," Sir Paul said, explaining his resignation. "I thought, 'This is going to be a significant story, and if I am going to be a leader and do the right thing by my organization, I better do something quickly.' "

    Yes, the head of the Metropolitan Police Service of London was brought down by his penchant for free mud masks and exfoliating facials. That's how the thin blue line works over in Londontown: Working the mean streets, pleasantly saying "Pip-pop!" and "Cheerio!" to passing dukes and duchesses, and getting slathered in hot oil and salt whilst Enya plays softly in the background.

    It may not make the best Law & Order plot, but it sure is adorable.

    Photo by Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

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