• Rick Perry Campaign Amassing Troops Along Primary Election Front

    General Romney! News from our scouts. It would appear as though the Perry's battalions are in the process of moving themselves into attack positions along the GOP primary's borders.

    And they could be charging into the fray as early as mid-August

    Potential donors to Perry's presidential effort met Tuesday in Austin, and those familiar with what transpired there told RealClearPolitics that key players in Perry's orbit indicated the 61-year-old Republican will announce a campaign between Aug. 15 and Aug. 31. Perry himself said on Friday that he'll at least make his intentions known within the next three to four weeks…

    While Perry has focused on determining whether he can raise the funds necessary to run a credible campaign, his strategists have begun locking down verbal commitments from vendors and other potential top staff who would fill out a campaign organization. One who was contacted about a senior staff position was told, "This is a 99 percent sure thing." Another said he was told, "He is 100 percent in." That wouldn't seem to leave much margin of error, but a third vendor who was approached said that while Perry's political circle is lining up a staff, they are doing so without knowing what Perry's final call will be.

    Meanwhile, Perry has traveled to California twice recently to meet with potential GOP donors, and his team has organized another big meeting for conservative contributors this Thursday in Austin to follow on last week's efforts there.

    Perry's army has, in a way, been a last hope for many social conservatives. Reconnaissance reports show that they're packing some pretty massage religious firepower, some of which he's planning to detonate publicly two weeks hence as a show of force.

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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