• Time to Pray Away the Gay Marriage, New York!

    Well, this is a beautiful story of cross-cultural understanding. A brave New York rabbi and two noble New York ministers overcame their historical, social, and religious differences to join forces Monday in an effort to eradicate human happiness.

    Their specific target? Gays and lesbians, of course!

    Rabbi Nathaniel Leiter joined the Revs. McGuire and Duane Motley of the organization New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms in filing the suit one day after the state of New York began to allow same-sex weddings.

    The lawsuit questions the legality of the process that allowed the passing of the law on gay marriage in the New York Senate, the organization said.

    Unlike other outlets in the lamestream media, we at Indecision are impervious to the gay Mafia's big gay agenda of gayness. That's why we wandered over to the official website for New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms in order to better understand why this trio of cross-cultural clergy is fighting so hard to make sure to prevent monogamous, child-rearing American taxpayers from getting married. Their mission statement says it all

    "As a Christian ministry, NYCF exists to influence legislation and legislators for the Lord Jesus Christ."

    Kudos on those italics, NYCF! Also, does your pal the rabbi know about that whole Christ thing? We don't mean to throw cold water on your steamy, hot hate party, but we're not sure the Rabbi Nathaniel is particularly committed to influencing legislation and legislators for Christ.

    Then again, when one of your organization's proudest accomplishments is "Assuring that churches are only charged residential, not commercial, rates for utilities" you're probably willing to bend a little on that Christ thing in order to actually score an impressive win.

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