• John Boehner's Debt Plan Needs More Butts

    In just a few hours the House of Representatives will vote on John Boehner's plan for resolving the nation's debt crisis (quick synopsis: pretend to cut spending without really cutting spending). This is a very important vote, in that it gives John Boehner a valid excuse for crying: his plan may not have enough votes to pass the House he controls, and even if it does, Senate Democrats have promised to kill it with a death panel they've had lying around since that horrible, confusing, un-civil debate.

    Sounds like John Boehner is in an uncomfortable position

    "I didn't put my neck on the line and go toe to toe with Obama to not have an army behind me," Mr. Boehner declared at a private party meeting, according to some House members.

    Come on, GOP, don't leave your Speaker's flank unguarded!

    In a closed-door Republican Conference meeting on Wednesday, Boehner demanded his wavering members "get your ass in line" to back his proposal, and some members obliged.

    That's much better.

    Never let it be said that John Boehner isn't backed by asses.

    Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

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