• Some Tea Partiers Just Want to Watch the World Burn

    While John Boehner is busy proving himself to be as ineffectual as House Speaker as Herry Reid is as Senate Majority Leader, a coterie of Tea Party groups are working to ensure that the legislators who were boosted into office via those groups' anarcho/libertarian-conditional support don't get any bright ideas about tainting the sweet purity of their tea with the sour lemon of compromise

    Several Tea Party organizations are working to punish conservative Republicans who plan to vote yes on Speaker John Boehner's (R-Ohio) debt-ceiling proposal.

    Tea Party leaders announced Thursday that they are targeting Republican Reps. James Lankford (Okla.), Allen West (Fla.), Mike Kelly (Pa.) and Bill Flores (Texas), all four freshmen and declared yes votes for Boehner…

    Tea Party-affiliated organizations Tea Party Express, Tea Party Nation, Tea Party Founding Fathers and United West indicated Thursday that their members will not tolerate a vote for the Boehner plan. Tea Party leaders want West and the others to know they consider voting for Boehner's plan "caving in" and it could mean losing the support of the Tea Party in 2012.

    You've almost got to feel bad for all the John Boehners and Mitch McConnells out there at this point. These are establishment Republicans, career congressmen. They vote "conservative" (whatever that happens to mean at any given time) because that's what team they're on and that's what keeps them in their swank Capitol Hill office with the nice espresso machine and the foot massager. It's what allows them to walk into a room and act like they're important people.

    Ideals? Virtues? Actual opinions? They don't even understand what those things mean! Do they have actual definitions? Who knows?! So, when this Tea Party movement came along, they were probably all like, "Hey, this seems like a pretty sweet gimmick for the upcoming election cycle. Let's run with it!" And so they made their speeches in front of people with tea bags dangling from their hats and they said the necessary catch phrases and Hurray! they won.

    Now that it's turning out that these crazy people are actually genuinely crazy — that they actually believe in the dangerous rhetoric they're constantly spewing — it's gotta be a little jarring. Who knew there were people out there who actually believed the things they said. Who held things called "ideologies." And that they'd be willing to stake their nice congressional offices on it, no less.

    These people clearly do not understand how politics work.

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